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2019 Liquid Force - MOD Kite Harness-2ndWind-Sports

    2019 Liquid Force - MOD Kite Harness

    $149.00 $229.95

    Everyone is unique. Unique in mind, body and soul. Mind and soul is easy to cover in a harness but the body is hard. The MOD is superior at addressing the body. The philosophy and science behind the MOD is about fitting all body shapes and offering superior support via the use of a comfort and support forming material. Rigid harness frames can cause unwanted gaps and pressure points, causing session-ending discomfort. Utilizing high density memory foam, ergonomic panel layouts, and size-specific molded patterns ensure a precise and supportive fit in the MOD. Fitted with the industry-inspiring Liquid Force Cam Clamp spreader bar for one-time set it and forget it entry and exit.

    Features & Benefits
    - High Density Form-Fitting Memory Foam
    - Rash Guard technology
    - Single Wrap Secure Closure
    - Cam Clamp Spreader Bar with Hold Down

    Item Number: 200755-1239