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Liquid Force Rocket Foilboard-2ndWind-Sports

    Liquid Force Rocket Foilboard

    Easy | Bomb Proof | Adjustable

    4’8” x 19” volume 15l
    5'0" x 20" volume 17l

    We think that adding a free riding hydrofoil board to your quiver should serve a couple purposes. The Rocket foil board is wonderful for first time glides on a foil all the way to advanced foil carving. The Rocket Foil board has higher surface area and a slight increased rocker line that assist in water “touch down” deflection, keeping the board from submerging and giving the rider plenty of time to master the art of riding a foil. While this board does have an adjustable track mounting system for the foil it also serves as a great board to ride without the foil. If you find yourself in an area to shallow, to much sea or lake weeds, don’t worry! The Rocket works great as a directional, all around fun board! Board comes complete with a directional fin system and enough straps for an inline setup or a staggered 3 strap setup.

    Comes complete with 3 straps and fins. 

    Item Number: 200755-1181