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(541) 386-4464
BCA Snow Saw-2ndWind-Sports

    BCA Snow Saw

    The all-around 35 cm saw that can cut snow, ice or wood.  Stainless steel blade that comes with a protective sheath.

    The Backcountry Access 35 cm saw not only cuts both snow and ice, but it can also cut wood. It is the ideal length for isolating snow columns for stability tests. The blade comes equipped with a protective sheath to prevent it from ripping or scratching up your gear. Markings every 5 cm on the blade allow for a precise cut. Designed with North America’s most experienced avalanche educators, the saw is a high functioning snow safety tool. The 35 cm saw is a BCA tool that is necessary to possess for pit digging and is required in most avalanche classes.

    Item Number: 2000354-23