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Rossignol - Tactic Carbon 20 Safety Ski Poles-2ndWind-Sports

    Rossignol - Tactic Carbon 20 Safety Ski Poles


    The Tactic carbon 20 safety pole offers all-mountain versatility and a dynamic feel in a lightweight, 20% carbon build. Ergonomic grips provide secure, comfortable feel, while the quick-release safety straps let the pole drop away in the event of a fall. 

    Improved Swing Weight
    20% carbon conical shaft offers lightweight rigidity and lightened swing weight

    Secure, Comfortable Grip
    Bi-injected components help absorb vibration transmitted up the pole for a more secure grip and all-day comfort

    Quick-Release Straps
    Safety grip quickly disengages the pole strap from the grip in the event of a fall or avalanche involvement

    Item Number: 200702-2859